About Carpfishing HQ – Meet the Team


Trevor is the carp expert & knowledgeable drive behind CarpfishingHQ, while Jonathan is the technical expert, working on the website & SEO.

Jonathan & Trevor originally met through the networking organisation BNI. Despite being competitors, they struck up a strong friendship. Over a coffee one day, Trevor mentioned his experience in Carp fishing & Jonathan his experience in successful blogging. The two skills have come together in this blog.

Utility Warehouse

Trevor and Jonathan are both part-time Utility Warehouse distributors. This is a UK FTSE 250 firm that allows entrepreneurial individuals to help their contacts to save money on their utility bills and earn an ongoing commission for themselves. Because of their drive to succeed in their Utility Warehouse business, they both looked to join a local BNI group.

What makes Trevor and Jonathan’s partnership so unique is that they are not in the same ‘leg’ of their Utility Warehouse businesses. On paper, they are effectively competitiors. They have found that working together, collaboratively has been a far more beneficial approach for their businesses.


When they first met, Trevor was a member at Folkestone BNI group and Jonathan was a member at Dover BNI. Soon after they met, both Jonathan and Trevor became “Director Consultants” for BNI. This meant that they helped to support and grow other BNI groups. Both Trevor and Jonathan benefitted hugely from their experiences in BNI.

Carp Fishing

Once Trevor had told Jonathan of his experience as a successful carp angler and also of his days as a carp journalist for Carp Talk magazine, Jonathan took a real interest in carp fishing. This started with Trevor taking Jonathan’s eldest son Oliver carp fishing locally in Kent, UK where he caught many fish and had a wonderful time.

Buoyed by his newfound hobby, Jonathan saw an opportunity to share Trevor’s experience with the carp fishing community through the medium of an online blog. In particular new people looking to take up carp fishing and relatively inexperienced carp anglers are a key target audience of Carp Fishing HQ.

You can read more about Trevor and Jonathan’s stories by clicking on the images below:

About Trevor

Trevor Ellse Carp Angler With a 30

About Jonathan

Carp Fishing Blogger Jonathan Hamilton